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Coital Alignment - Stimulating The Clitoris During Intercourse

Of course most men love the missionary position because it provides them with the opportunity to thrust deeply, to be dominant, and to hold their partner closely while feeling a large amount of bodily contact, skin to skin.

And perhaps for a woman the missionary is a desirable position because it allows her to give way to her man, to allow him to "take her" - in the nicest possible way.

I've often thought that the missionary or man on top position is a sex position that allows both genders to express fully their sexual nature, at the deepest level of their being. That would be, for a man, the urge to penetrate both his woman's heart and her body, and for a woman, the urge to yield to the dominance of her man during the act of lovemaking.

For the act of lovemaking, when you think about it, is precisely that it's the woman giving her body over to the man with the knowledge that the energy that the two people bring to the union can create a child.... And, for a woman, that's a massive investment of time, energy, health and psychology.

She must therefore be ready to be penetrated by a man whom she trusts sufficiently to support her in the upbringing of that child.

And of course, nobody could deny that contraception has provided women with a way to avoid the consequences of intercourse that nature intended!

Which probably means, therefore, that women's sexual liberation is not only physically enabled by contraception, in particular the pill, but is also psychologically enabled.

Coital alignment technique

So what of this liberation?

Where will it take women during intercourse?

I suppose it gives them the freedom to enjoy sex more, to give themselves over to the experience and sensations that they're having without worrying about the consequences of getting pregnant.

But at the same time, there is still some fundamental aspect missing for most women during intercourse. While it can represent a union with their partner which is very profound and emotionally important to a woman, there's no question that the physical enjoyment of sexual pleasure is diminished by the fact that so few women reach orgasm during intercourse from penile thrusting.

Depending on which websites you read, the proportion of women who reach orgasm during intercourse alone without additional stimulation to the clitoris varies from 7% to 25%.

Although we don't know the specific proportion of women who do reach orgasm ("come") from vaginal stimulation alone, what we do know is that there are plenty of women who would like to experience an orgasm during intercourse but are unable to do so.

There are all kinds of reasons for this deficit of orgasm during intercourse, but one of the main ones is that most women require a longer period of stimulation of the vagina (and the G spot in particular) before they can reach orgasm than most men are able to provide.

To put it bluntly, most men ejaculate long before a woman will come through vaginal thrusting. And, as we all know, sex tends to stop when the man has ejaculated!

We do not know how many women could reach orgasm if men's staying power and ability to thrust in the right way without ejaculating could be sustained for much longer periods of time and here, we're talking between 10 and 20 minutes. But I suspect it is a lot.

Many ways of dealing with this situation have arisen over the years: G spot stimulation with a finger seems to be a particularly popular method of bringing woman to orgasm, because it has the added advantage of being able to make her ejaculate (at least, if she's learned that particular dominance skill).

But there are other ways of dealing with it as well, one of which is called the coital alignment technique.

I don't think the coital alignment technique (or CAT for short) has proved to be as popular as its originators intended.

It was intended to be a reliable way in which women could reach orgasm during intercourse, but the fact of the matter is that it's never really explained in a very clear way, and it seems quite hard for men and women to understand the exact nature of the instructions that are always offered.

People write about the coital alignment technique in a way that is an interpretation of the original instructions, but which rarely seems very clear or comprehensible to the couple trying to implement this in their sex life!

It's a real paradox, and one day I am going to go back to the original paper and read it very carefully, to understand exactly what the man who came up with this, Edward Eichel, did in fact say about this technique for lovemaking.

However, for the moment the best I can offer you is a link to a website devoted to this subject which offers reasonably clear instructions, which might allow you to follow the coital alignment technique method for yourself -  CAT.

The coital alignment technique is explained there, and there's a video which can help you understand it here. In fact, I'm going to reproduce the video on this page.

Here it is.

Coital Alignment Technique Video

Should you actually wish to avoid the complicated instructions that tend to be associated with the coital alignment technique and simply try some of the G spot stimulation techniques, then I recommend which despite its rather blatant title is actually a very sensitive site on how to develop the psychological and emotional state necessary to achieve female ejaculation.

Finally, if you're a man who wants to know how to delay his ejaculation then you might want to look at this website: - it should help you extend the period of lovemaking and get over premature ejaculation.

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